Rules must read

Naming rules:
For example: longjing20190106
201901 was produced in the spring of 2019, and 201803 was in the autumn of 2018.
06 indicates product quality level (1-6)

Discount rules:
Enjoy a 12% discount on the first order (no overlay)
Enjoy a 3 percent discount from the second order (can be combined with other discounts)
Enjoy a 5 percent discount on orders over $80 (can be combined with other discounts)

How to get free tea samples?
Talk to me about tea, tell me before you order, I can offer you up to 3 samples for free (except for some expensive ones).
Write a product evaluation, I hope that you can have more comments on my tea, I hope to use your sentence to describe it, because I can not describe it well in English, Chinese has too much meaning. If I see your evaluation, I will give you an extra quality tea sample for you next time you order.

What else can I help you with?
I have a lot more kinds of tea, but I only choose a tea that is suitable for personal drinking. If you are a tea shop owner, you can contact me and I support wholesale.
Help you answer all kinds of questions about Chinese tea.
Help you judge the quality of Chinese tea.

About us and our tea
We are based in Anxi County, Fujian, and the origin of Tieguanyin. Our teas are all natural, no added, organic tea. Compared with ordinary tea users, our tea is more suitable for tea connoisseurs and enthusiasts. Our Oolong tea, Fuding white tea and Pu’er tea have won many awards. We offer the most authentic Chinese tea at an excellent price